Some Things That You Need To Know About Getting Your Teeth Cleaned And Its Cost

People clean their teeth at home on a daily basis. Some people do it twice a day while the majority would perform this task at least once a day. Brushing, using a mouthwash and flossing are some of the techniques performed at home. But, did you know that this is only a part of the successful routine used to maintain sound oral health. There is a missing part here, and that part is the most important factor in maintaining a healthy mouth. Most people would not think that this factor is really important to their overall oral health. This missing link is none other than visiting your dentist at least twice a year.

No matter what techniques we use at home to clean our teeth, we cannot clean them 100%. Your dentist will use professional tools to remove plaque, bacteria build-up and tartar that you would not be able to clean 100% by yourself. The combination of brushing, using a mouthwash and flossing with regular dental visits, at least twice a year will not only help to give you a confident smile but protect your teeth and gums from tooth loss, tooth decay and gum diseases.

The biggest problem for most people who want to incorporate the above combination into their day to day routine is the teeth cleaning cost. Most people are unaware of the nitty gritties involved in these costs of getting your teeth cleaned professionally. The process of teeth cleaning starts with your dentist using an ultrasonic cleaner and a water sprayer in order to loosen and remove tartar and plaque from the teeth and gums. A metal tool known as a hand scraper is used to clean the rest of the plaque between the teeth. The teeth roots are sand and smoothed in order to remove bacteria and other germs. Finally your dentist will brush your teeth using a rotary toothbrush using a gritty toothpaste. This will polish and clean your teeth thoroughly. Right after this procedure, the dentist would floss your teeth and perform a fluoride treatment to strengthen your teeth. This is the total process in a summary.

Teeth cleaning costs would vary among different dentists. Most of the time, teeth cleaning is covered by your insurance policy. You can check this with your insurance provider. If it is not covered, you will have to pocket it out from your own pocket. A standard teeth cleaning by a dentist will cost between $75-200, which could vary depending on the dentist’s office and the local rates. For people who have never performed teeth cleaning, the process can be more expensive. This is because the cleaning process for them may involve deep cleaning, which might include root planning and smoothing the roots of the teeth. The cost of a full mouth deep cleaning process can vary between $300-3000, depending on the amount of work needed and how deeply they have to be cleaned. A teeth cleaning appointment will naturally include a dental X-ray and a thorough examination by your dentist.

Teeth cleaning will ensure total oral health and improve your smile and self-confidence in leaps and bounds.